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Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Ash Dekirk's A Wizard's Bestiary: A Menagerie of Myth, Magic, and Mystery PDF

By Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Ash Dekirk

ISBN-10: 1564149560

ISBN-13: 9781564149565

Unusual beasts of every kind have crawled, run, swam, and flown via humanitys mind's eye and tourists stories because the sunrise of time. From Gryphons and Unicorns, to Dragons, Mermaids, or even more odd and fantastical animals, A Wizards Bestiary takes you on a paranormal trip throughout the a while and world wide, to find elusive creatures of fantasy and legend. watch out - the following be Monsters!
The first part lists over 1,000 excellent creatures from each land in an encyclopedic, alphabetical word list structure, from Aatxe to Zyphoeus. each one access contains a small representation, in addition to cross-references to different similar beasts.
Next, the authors current extra in-depth gains on a few of extra fascinating of those mythical beasts, resembling the ocean Serpent and the Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar. historical past, myths, and legends of every creature are awarded, with specific emphasis on choosing real-life origins of legendary creatures in genuine dwelling animals, corresponding to the hyperlink among the Kraken and the enormous squid. This part is split into those categories:
* Creepers
* Walkers
* Swimmers
* Flyers
* Demi-Humans
* Animate Plants
Expanded cryptozoological entries contain the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Mokele-Mbembe, El Chupacabra, Mothman, and different secret monsters mentioned through eyewitnesses yet now not but proven by way of science.
They are grouped into the subsequent categories:
* Primates and Hominids
* Bipedal Monsters
* Carnivorous Mammals
* Herbivorous Mammals
* Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters
* Birds
* Reptiles
* Amphibians
* residing Dinosaurs
* secret Monsters
A Wizards Bestiary is profusely illustrated with previous woodcuts, engravings, and different pictures from old resources, in addition to interpretations through sleek artists, together with the authors. No different bestiary has been so well-illustrated! Hand-drawn medieval-style maps through Oberon Zell-Ravenheart convey purported locales of other beasts on all continents and seas.

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One was killed in 1934, but no scientific study was done. Some cryptozoologists have noted the similarity of this description to the Cretaceous ceratopsian, Monoclonius; however, those animals were herbivores. See Coje ya Menia, Kasai Rex, Mokêle-M’Bêmbe, Ngoubou. Empusa (or Empousa, pl. Empusae)—A shapeshifting female monster in Greek folklore, she is human from the waist up, with one leg of an ass and the other of brass. The goddess Hecate sends Empusa to harass lone travelers on dark country roads.

Cucuio (or Cocuie, Fire-Bug, Fire-Beetle)—A tiny West Indian bird that gives off its own light. This thumbsized creature has four wings and bright shining eyes. It is said that poor people in Cuba and the Antilles capture 33 them for lanterns, but must release them in the morning to recharge. These are clearly tropical Fireflies (Lampyridae), of which more than 2,000 species are known. Creole women are said to arrange the glowing larvae in their hair and garments, where they produce a dazzling effect superior to jewels.

Coje ya Menia (Portuguese, “Lion of the Water”; or Dilali, Mourou-Ngou)—A large, amphibious animal reported in the area of the Kuango River in east Angola, Africa. Slightly smaller than a hippopotamus, it normally lives in the river, but comes out on land during the rainy season, when its mighty roars may be heard at night. It is known to attack and kill hippos, which flee the area. Although some claim it has a horse’s body and a lion’s mane and claws, it is most probably a Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus).

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A Wizard's Bestiary: A Menagerie of Myth, Magic, and Mystery by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Ash Dekirk

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