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Download e-book for kindle: A world to win: life of a revolutionary by Tony Cliff

By Tony Cliff

ISBN-10: 1898876622

ISBN-13: 9781898876625

ISBN-10: 1898876630

ISBN-13: 9781898876632

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That was simple. But what could be done in a country like Palestine in which two separate peoples lived, with separate national leaders, national an­ thems and national flags? HW hen the Nazis invaded Russia a decisive change of line occurred. 15 Before, the ‘British government in Palestine represented the regime of subjugation, exploitation, repression and black reaction. 17 W ith the 180 degree swing in the policy of the Stalinists in June 1941, becoming enthusiastic supporters of the ‘war for democracy’, the Jewish Stalinists began, with a few reservations, to be ambivalent about Zionism.

Backwardness and isolation do not guarantee you against errors, but they do spur you towards independent thought and action. The situation I faced has certain parallels with the argument Marx made about German philosophy: the French made the revolution in 1789, the Germans thought about it. Thus the French bourgeoisie in 1789 was far more effective than the German revolutionary movement in 1848. But German philosophy, above all that of Hegel, far sur­ passed French philosophy. T he self reliance imposed on me in Pales­ tine would affect the rest of my life.

Building a Trotskyist organisation in Palestine From 1938 until September 1946 I was engaged in an effort to build a Trotskyist organisation in Palestine. It was very hard going. Throughout the world Trotskyism, the Fourth International, never managed to bring about a large-scale breakaway from the ranks of the traditional parties of the labour movement. In this its fate was very different to that of the First, Second and Third Internationals. The First International was made up of relatively large organisa­ tions, and although there was a break of some two decades between the end of the First and establishment of the Second International, many thousands who were members of the First joined the Second.

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