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By Whitaker, Jerry C

ISBN-10: 084937412X

ISBN-13: 9780849374128

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From [3]. , from coal) is converted into mechanical energy. The final step of the energy conversion is quite efficient, with efficiency close to 100 percent. 25. Note that poles A', B', and C' represent the start of each of the phase windings, while poles A, B, and C represent the ends of each of the windings. As with transformers, the windings of the generator can be connected in either of two ways: • Wye configuration. A circuit arrangement in which the schematic diagram of the windings form a Y.

Low- and medium-head installations are built with reaction-type turbines, where the water pressure is mostly converted to velocity in the turbine. The two basic classes of reaction turbines are the propeller or Kaplan type, mostly used for low-head plants, and the Francis type, primarily used for medium-head plants. 42. The vertical shaft turbine and generator are supported by a thrust bearing immersed in oil. The generator is in the upper, watertight chamber. The turbine runner has 4 to 10 propeller types, and adjustable-pitch blades.

Through electromagnetic induction, a current is induced into each of the stationary (stator) coils of the generator. 27). Three-phase power is used almost exclusively for power distribution because it is an efficient method of transporting electrical energy. 1 Fundamental Concepts The operation of a generator is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction [5]: if a coil (or winding) is linked to a varying magnetic field, then an electromotive force (or voltage) is induced across the coil.

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