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Download e-book for kindle: Adaptive Analog VLSI Neural Systems by M. Jabri, R.J. Coggins, B.G. Flower

By M. Jabri, R.J. Coggins, B.G. Flower

ISBN-10: 0412616300

ISBN-13: 9780412616303

ISBN-10: 9401105251

ISBN-13: 9789401105255

amplitude ~---. -----. -----. -----,-----. -----,-,~ VfT:j·" four. 50 four. 00 three. 50 q . three. 00 /'\. ~ -'" : ! . 2. 50 ,: \ . . . 1! -. i "'" " 2. 00 1. 50 ··GO··O_O_ ,-. . . . &. , . ; D Q . " . . . / 1. 00 zero. 50 zero. 00 L. -----1. . ---. . l. -----:-:::''"::-::--::-::-'-:::-::------=--::-'-::-:=---=-=""=_:' five. 00 10. 00 15. 00 determine 7. 1 The morphology of ST and VT retrograde 1:1. © 1995 IEEE [Coggins, labri, Flower and Pickard {1995}]. ing to the analog area. also, using differential pair multipliers and present node summing within the community permits a min­ imum of units within the community itself and for this reason linked reductions in strength and region. in spite of the fact that, within the previous couple of a long time analog sign processing has been used sparingly a result of results of gadget off­ units, noise and drift*. The neural community structure alleviates those difficulties to a wide volume on account that it really is either hugely parallel and adaptive. the truth that the community is expert to acknowledge morphologies with the analog circuits in-loop implies that the synaptic weights may be tailored to cancel machine offsets [Castro, Tam and Holler (1993); Castro and candy (1993)]. The influence of neighborhood un correlated noise is diminished via the parallelism of * such a lot fabrication methods were optimised for electronic layout strategies which ends up in negative analog performance.

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The differences in gm between the two reflect the difference between electron and hole mobility, while the smaller differences in capacitance and output conductance reflect differences in the local doping levels. 9 may now be simplified for more common use. 9 Element nMOS pMOS C gs 28 28 iF Cgd 5 5 iF Cds 8 8 iF C ss 8 8 iF gm 196 112 p,AjV gmB 235 134 p,AjV gd. 10 Simplified common-source MOSFET small signal circuit model. difference between source and substrate, so that both may be common in the model.

25 Charge-redistribution ADC. and the presence of non-monotonic behaviour in the DAC could give rise to errors greater than one LSB. Overall, the SA architecture - though not simple - is readily design able and represents a good compromise between the many factors influencing ADC design. The charge-redistribution converter is also a successive approximation type and is described on its own here because it has turned out to be very successful in the middle performance range and is incorporated in a number of one-chip microcomputers which provide analog input data ports.

Precision can also be traded for area at the circuit level. For example, a multiplying DAC circuit can be realized by generating binary weighted currents from an array of weighted current sources or by generating binary weighted voltages or charges using weighted arrays of resistors or capacitors respectively. In each case the size of the device arrays determines the precision (number of bits) that can be realized. The relative area attributed to a particular function also requires careful consideration at the architectural level.

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Adaptive Analog VLSI Neural Systems by M. Jabri, R.J. Coggins, B.G. Flower

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