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Download PDF by Herbert Brooks Hatch: An Ace and His Angel: Memoirs of a WWII Fighter Pilot

By Herbert Brooks Hatch

ISBN-10: 1563115743

ISBN-13: 9781563115745

Memoirs of a WWII Fighter Pilot

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Ot one pilot or intelligence officer had ever heard of the IAR-80 in 1944, let alone in 1984. It took some persuasion, but the Group Historian finally agreed that my information was correct, and he agreed to rewrite the history of the Group. A. on June 10th name the IAS-80 as the enemy aircraft involved. I've often wondered where the hell our intelligence was in 1944. Somebody must have known about that airplane! ) A COWARD GETS HIS COMEUPPA CE There was a pilot in the 71 st that nobody had any use for.

He couldn't shoot. I don't think he could hit a barn if he was standing inside of it. I'm going to tell a story now that, had it been known at the time, would have resulted in both of us washing out of Cadet training at Williams. One of our last hurdles in Advanced was qualifying in aerial gunnery. We were sent down to the gunnery range at Ajo, Arizona and checked out in AT-6s. 30 caliber machine gun mounted on the nose. We fired at a "sleeve" which was the target towed behind another 6. , .. Each student's gun was loaded with bullets, which were coated with a paint" which, when fired through the sleeve, left a color mark.

He could either bailout and swim until Air-Sea Rescue showed up or he could go home and try to land. That last choice depended entirely on how far down the bomb hung and the extension of the airplanes gear. I had him lower his gear and I flew up under him to try to gauge how much clearance there was. It appeared the bomb was eight or ten inches short of the main gear in the down position, but what I didn't know was how much the gear's hydraulic shock absorber contracted upon landing. He and I went back and forth over the possibilities several times until [ told him again that it was his choice.

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An Ace and His Angel: Memoirs of a WWII Fighter Pilot by Herbert Brooks Hatch

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