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New PDF release: An Excess of Enchantment

By Craig Shaw Gardner

ISBN-10: 044122363X

ISBN-13: 9780441223633

Verse the second one within the Ballad of which an uninformed apprentice learns what comes after "Once upon a time..."

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Alea chorused. ” Mother Duck raised her hands above her head. Was she going to conjure? Guxx leapt for her with a roar. It all happened so quickly, I wasn’t quite sure what had transpired. One minute, the heavily muscled demon was flying through the air, straight toward the old lady. Just as his sharp and deadly claws were about to reach Mother Duck, however, the demon somehow managed to perform a complete somersault in midair and land on his back in the mud at the river’s edge. ” Mother Duck murmured.

You do remember that? Good. ” The sword screamed as it fell from Wuntvor’s hand, which had gone suddenly numb. But the lad had no more thought for his discarded weapon. All he could think of were the words upon his lips. “Once upon a time,” he said. ” And, as if in answer, he heard a second voice come from beneath the bridge. “Ho, young traveler, No need to fiddle! ” And with that a second creature leapt onto the path, less than a dozen paces from Wuntvor, who was nowhere near as startled this time, having come somewhat to expect such occurrences.

I called out to Mother Duck, who was still glowering at the mud-covered Guxx. ” The woman glanced at me as one might regard a passing insect. “Ah. The Eternal Apprentice. Now, now, don’t worry your mythic little head about those things. ” I replied, rather taken aback. Mythic little head? This was going to be more difficult than I thought. Guxx pointed a claw at Brax the Salesdemon, who had managed to help his fellow creature rise from the mud. ” Guxx exclaimed. Brax began to beat on a drum that he fished out of a sack he had been carrying over his shoulder.

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An Excess of Enchantment by Craig Shaw Gardner

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