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By Walt Kester

ISBN-10: 0916550273

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Info Converter Histories
Fundamentals of Sampled info Systems
Data Converter structure, approach expertise, checking out, Interfacing, aid Circuits, functions, layout concepts

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The AD571 was designed on a bipolar process with LWT thin film resistors. In order to implement the logic functions required in the SAR ADC, integrated-injection logic (I2L) was added to the bipolar process. This process allowed reasonably dense low voltage logic to be included on the same chip as high-breakdown precision linear circuitry. 3 DATA CONVERTERS OF THE 1970S The I2L process was particularly useful in manufacturing ADCs, because only a single additional diffusion step was required beyond those used in the standard linear process.

1 kSPS. Resolutions ranged from 16-bits with the early audio DACs to 18 and 20 bits with later versions. For example, the AD1865 dual 18-bit stereo DAC was introduced in 1991 and was capable of 16-times oversampling. 5 DATA CONVERTERS OF THE 1990S By the mid-1990s, the Σ-∆ architecture began to replace the parallel DACs in audio applications. Sigma-delta offered much higher oversampling ratios, thereby relaxing output filter requirements, as well as provided higher dynamic range with lower distortion.

Packaging trends also changed in the 1990s from the traditional DIP to smaller surface mount packages suitable for high-volume automatic mass-assembly manufacturing techniques. These included both leaded types and non-leaded types such as ball grid array (BGA) and chip-scale packages (CSP). Even in the general purpose data converter market, there was a demand for more analog and digital functionality, such as putting an entire data acquisition system on a chip including the input multiplexer, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), sample-and-hold, and the ADC function.

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