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Analog electronics with LabVIEW by Kenneth L. Ashley PDF

By Kenneth L. Ashley

ISBN-10: 0130470651

ISBN-13: 9780130470652

The hands-on, simulation-based advent to analog electronics. Analog Electronics with LabVIEW is the 1st entire advent to analog electronics that makes complete use of laptop simulation. Kenneth L. Ashley introduces analog electronics via a chain of theory/project sections, within which theoretical shows correlate at once with circuit size and research tasks. the result of experiments are used to extract equipment version parameters utilized in next digital circuit research, offering an important enhancement within the figuring out of recent, computer-based electronic-circuit simulation. Readers will grasp not just the basics of analog electronics, but in addition information acquisition and circuit simulation with LabVIEW, easy circuit-solution computation with Mathcad, and circuit simulation with Cadence Schematics or seize. assurance comprises: *Elementary analog circuit research, together with the resistor voltage divider and MOSFET DC gate voltage, MOSFET drain current-source an identical, amplifier frequency reaction, and extra *Fundamentals of transistors and voltage amplification *Characterization of MOS transistors for circuit simulation *Common-source amplifiers, MOSFET source-follower buffer degree, differential amplifier degree, and MOSFET present assets *Operational amplifiers: resistor unfavourable suggestions ways and capacitor-based functions *Development of a uncomplicated CMOS Operational Amplifier *LabVIEW educational with emphasis on analog electronics, the discrete nature of compute info acquisition, and LabVIEW size VIs similar to the autoranging DC voltmeter *Characterization of the BJT for circuit simulation together with linear modeling *BJT NPN common-emitter amplifier, together with emitter degeneration and current-source PNP load with emitter degeneration For these new to LabVIEW, the booklet additionally includes a entire introductory educational with emphasis correct to analog-electronics purposes. CD-ROM incorporated The accompanying CD-ROM encompasses a whole replica of LabVIEW 6 pupil variation software program, in addition to all of the LabVIEW, Mathcad, and Schematics (or trap) documents you want to practice the experiments and workouts during this ebook, plus samples of all venture size and information records for dimension simulation.

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This is accounted for by including an output resistance, rout, in the linear model, as added to the circuit in Fig. 5. 5. Basic linear circuit with transistor linear model. Circuit includes signal source voltage and load RL, Transistor model now includes output resistance rout. where VA is the characterizing transistor parameter. 2); these equations are consistent with the simplified circuit model of Fig. 2. 5). This is discussed in Unit 4. 7) to include rout in parallel with RL as in Fig. 5. 11 The parameter VA of both transistors can typically be about 100 V.

They are the proportionality constants between incremental variables of current and voltage. For the linear model to be valid, the increment must be small compared to the dc (bias) value of the variable. To qualify as small, the increment must be sufficiently small, in each case, as to avoid unacceptable degrees of nonlinearity in the variable relationships. The conditions are explored in Unit 5 in connection with linearity of an amplifier gain function. In the following, the three conductance parameters are explored, and in each case, an expression for obtaining the circuit value is developed.

For this reason, the Fig. 1(b) version is chosen for use in all of the following discussions of MOSFET circuits. All other details of the transistor model, as discussed in this unit, will be added externally. Signal Vg = Vi is applied to the gate (input) and, in response, a signal voltage, Vo, appears at the drain (or source). We would like to analyze the signal performance in terms of voltage gain, av = Vo/Vi = Vd/Vg (or av = Vs/Vg), of the circuit based on a linear (smallsignal) analysis. In any case, the voltage gain is av = GmRx, where Gm is the circuit transconductance (as opposed to the transistor transconductance) and x = D (common source) or x = S (source follower).

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Analog electronics with LabVIEW by Kenneth L. Ashley

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