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Artemisia (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Industrial by Colin W. Wright PDF

By Colin W. Wright

ISBN-10: 0415272122

ISBN-13: 9780415272124

A accomplished evaluate of this genus, Artemisia examines all elements of the herbs makes use of and functions, its mode of motion and medical significance. Following a accomplished creation to the genus, the booklet discusses the botanical, phytochemical and organic points of a few vital species of Artemisis. when you consider that the invention of artemisinin, a hugely lively antimalarial agent from the chinese language herb A. annua is of substantial significance, this quantity devotes a number of chapters to the normal makes use of, cultivation and phytochemistry of this species and to the improvement of artemisinin-derived antimalarial brokers, their mode of motion and medical use.

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Eriopoda afforded a sesquiterpene mixture containing three new eudesmane diols: lP,6P-dihydroxy-4(14)-eudesmene,Sa-hydroxyisopterocarpolone and l-oxo-cryptomeridiol (Fig. , 1996a), whereas A. pontica was found to contain seven new 5-hydroxyeudesmanolides in addition to artemin (Fig. , 1996). In A. herba-alba a new eudesmanolide has been named herbalbin (la-hydroxy-3a,4aepoxyeudesm-5a,6~,7a,ll~2,6-olide; Fig. , 1996), whereas in A. , 1996b). A new germacranolide: 4,5~-epoxy-lOa-hydroxy-l-en-3-one-trans-germacran-6,al2-olide has been isolated from aerial parts of A.

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Artemisia (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Industrial Profiles) by Colin W. Wright

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