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By S. Chandrasekhar

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Astron. , 168, 603–637 (1974) 13 Mayor, M. , Les nouveaux mondes du cosmos, Editions du Seuil, Paris (2001) 12 Mayor, M. A. , Voir et rˆever le monde, Larousse, Paris (2002) 2 Chapter 2 Detection Methods Surprising though it may seem, practically all of the exoplanets that have been currently detected have never been ‘seen’ directly, in the sense that no images obtained with a telescope exist for these objects. The reason is very simple, and lies in the extreme difficulty of detecting these objects.

3). An illustration of these problems of contrast and angular separation may be framed as follows: Trying to observe a planet like the Earth orbiting a star like the Sun, the whole system being at a distance of 10 parsecs from us, resembles trying to observe a glow-worm 30 cm from a lighthouse in Marseille, when the observer is in Paris (at a distance of about 700 km). 3 Environment of the Earth and Exoplanets Apart from its suite of planets, the Sun is surrounded by a disk of dust resulting from collisions between asteroids as well as cometary dust.

So it does not allow us to observe systems that are viewed face-on. Finally, we should mention that in the case of multiple systems, the radial velocity, taken overall, consists of the sum of the different contributions of the planets, and of their periods of revolution. ), is therefore carried out by analyzing the components of the radial velocity by subtracting the principal component, followed by analysis of the residuals until the measurement noise is reached. 34 2 Detection Methods Measurement of the radial velocity of a star is based on the Doppler-Fizeau effect:1 any observer who receives a wave (of whatever nature) emitted at the frequency ν by a source in motion, detects it at the frequency ν + δ ν , where δ ν is positive (greater frequency and thus shorter wavelength) if the object is approaching, and negative (lower frequency and greater wavelength) if the object is receding.

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